Energy Source for the 21st Century

Anti-Gravity is THE new energy source for the 21st century.

Currently locked up in black budget military labs and top secret intelligence facilities throughout the world, particularily in America, this technology will revolutionalize the way human beings interact with their environment, as well as propel Mankind into the final frontier of space and beyond.

Currently, the Anti-Gravity issue is embedded in the false UFO/paranormal debate- a way to effectively smear and refute any and all true insight and discussion into the anti-gravitic propulsion issue- a classic military 'psy-op' public information control program. Numerous websites and books have talked of reverse engineering so called recovered "extraterrrestrial craft", which is nothing more than a cover for the REAL black budget corporate/military antigravitic craft that have already been built and are flying clandestinely today- many employed in top secret intelligence and surveillance operations throughout the world for the military-corporate-intelligence New World Order fascist empire.

Anti-gravitic technology has been around since the the 1940's and SHOULD have been introduced into the world economy back then. Instead, we have the continuation of a highly polluting, earth-threatening, stone-age, chemical-hydrocarbon economy now manifesting itself into an unstoppable and irreversable international security threat to all life on Earth: Global Warming.

As well, billions of human beings have, over the years, needlessly toiled, worked and slaved, when anti-gravitic transportation, lifting and power generation could have easily met the core requirements for an advanced and sustainable world civilization.

Free, non-polluting and drawing on the limitless natural gravity of the Earth for source, antigravity is the preferential successor to the largely antiquated, failing and environmentally destructive world hydrocarbon enterprise and all its tangential/myriad spin-off industries (plastics, automotive, manufacturing etc..). Antigravitic propulsion, once disseminated, democratized and decentralized to all the Earth's people, will END poverty, militarism, war, hunger, disease, inequality and all environmental destruction because it is the great equalizer, a limitless energy source available to all, irregardless of status, rank, or position in society. It is the wave that lifts ALL boats, permanently leveling the playing field and saving our planet from near certain destruction.

Antigravitics is the KEY that opens the portal to a highly intelligent, compassionate, advanced, mature, innovative, technologically superior and survivable world civilization for the 21st century. Every single day that passes without the CRITICAL DECISION to unleash this miracle is a day that Mankind and Earth devolves into a new Dark Age of social, environmental and planetary collapse.

Steve Jones
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